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We know, to give the very best service, we need the most devoted and loyal Cleaners, which is why, we invested time in vetting, screening, testing, and training. We devoted our time into our Cleaners, knowing the elite would stand up to our scrutinizing, and therefore, be good enough to work with Maid To Care – it’s what our customers have come to expect.

With time, many of our customers would ask if we could also clean their businesses premises, factories, offices, and shops. Not surprising, given the quality of service our Cleaning Techs provide. However, we didn’t want to rush into anything – we needed to ensure, if we ventured into Commercial Cleaning, our commercial customers would get the same level of commitment, passion and expertise in their office, clinic and retail outlets cleans, as they have come to expect in their homes.

Our first step was to start creating a Commercial Cleaning Team, one which would be worthy of everything Maid To Care symbolised. And after much consideration, and even more scrutiny, police checks, training and inspecting of completed jobs, we are happy to announce Maid To Care is expanding into Commercial Cleaning.

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Commercial Cleaners who are reliable & honest

Let's make your office, shop or store sparkle!

Just like our enthusiastic and professionally trained Domestic Cleaning Teams, our Commercial Cleaning Teams are committed to the task of making your office, shop or store sparkle and smell fresh; but more importantly, be hygienically fresh and clean.

Our Commercial Cleaners promise the same level of reliability, time management, and honestly our Maid To Care Domestic Cleaners are known for, guaranteeing quality service, trust, and cleaning protocols are always adhered to.
Our Commercial Cleaners have you covered

Cleaning the way it should be done

With Maid To Care, you have the perfect cleaning combination of dedication, enthusiasm, and training; only now we can not only clean your home, but we can also ensure your workstation is just as clean and just as safe.

So now, whether you want your home to shine or your office, clinic, or gym to sparkle, or even your children’s place centre to beam, Maidtocare has you covered. Cleaning services the way they should be – we were made to care for you.

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What makes us Unique

While every other cleaning business will claim to be ‘the best,’ our commitment and work ethic will demonstrate why we are the better choice. Cleaning is our business. We take pride in our work, and in a job well done. Most of all we take pride in hearing from our many satisfied clients.
Our Team is thoroughly vetted. Every new cleaner goes through a vigorous interview process, followed by a Police Check, then training. But we don’t stop there. All of our cleaners are regularly updated on any updates from the National Australian Cleaners Assoc. as well as the Chief Medical Officer, Canberra, as those updates occur. Furthermore, we also check with our clients, to ensure our cleaners are meeting, and exceeding expectations.
Each of these steps, and processes, plus many others, ensure quality work, consistency, and excellent customer service.

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